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How Turbine Labs Works

Turbine Labs is an AI-powered platform designed from the ground up for one purpose: to achieve better outcomes through more informed decision-making.
With Turbine Labs, initiating a request is simple…even humanlike. Just type, in your own words, a request into our online order form, or send via email.

Defined by You
Any question or topic, any event or development, any crisis or opportunity, Turbine Labs is listening, waiting for your request.
No Coding Necessary
Decision-makers don’t have time to use complex software or write code to obtain intelligence. Turbine Labs requires only your words to get to work.

Accessing thousands of media, social, and other public sources, Turbine Labs filters, classifies, and scores the information that matters to you, and removes data that doesn’t.

54,000X Faster than Humans
Patent-pending natural language processing (NLP) that can read and score the equivalent of War in Peace in less than 7 seconds.
Accurate and Objective
Data is filtered and scored for relevancy, sentiment, authority, and other attributes, ensuring the final output is based on the most objective, accurate data. 


Striking the perfect balance between AI-powered technology and human expertise, each executive-friendly output is designed to remove friction from the information gathering and decision-making process.

Your Personal Newsroom
Only Turbine Labs maintains a full-time team of journalists to validate processed data and finalize the insights prior to delivery.
The Right Tool for the Job
Depending on the topic and the urgency, Turbine Labs offers a number of output formats to ensure the right intelligence is delivered at the right time.

Thousands of Premium, Paywall, and Local News Sources.

No ads, pop-ups, or trackers. Just high-quality journalism that fits in precise context to your request. Beautifully formatted, and free of distractions.

Discover how Turbine Labs offers data intelligence…that doesn’t insult yours.

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