Boris Johnson apologizes for Downing Street party

January 13, 2022

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  • President Joe Biden will announce plans on Thursday to deploy the U.S. military to help hospitals in six states that are grappling with a surge in omicron cases, including in New York and New Jersey. At the same time, some early indicators suggest that coronavirus cases may be falling in areas that were first affected by the variant. Officials in New York City said the rates of positive tests appear to be slowing, while coronavirus levels in Boston wastewater are also falling. Biden is expected to make additional announcements about efforts to handle the pandemic in his comments Thursday.
  • Jobless claims in the last week rose to their highest level since November, totaling 230,000. Economists say the recent surge in coronavirus cases may be leading to more layoffs, but that the uptick in claims should be short-lived. High employee infection rates dampened earnings for Delta Air Lines, which reported a $408 million loss in the final quarter of 2021 after sick workers and winter storms led to more canceled flights.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized on Wednesday for attending a Downing Street party in May 2020 while the nation was under a strict lockdown, admitting for the first time that he attended after news reports of the gathering angered the public. Many people described how the strict rules kept them from the bedsides of dying loved ones at the same time that the party occurred, casting uncertainty over Johnson’s political future.
  • The worldwide PC market grew again in 2021, building on growth that started with pandemic lockdowns in 2020. Market research firm Gartner reported that nearly 340 million PCs were shipped last year, although shortages and bottlenecks weighed on the industry in the fourth quarter. More households are adding personal computers amid the remote work boom.
  • Researchers from Oregon State University found that two cannabis compounds were effective in preventing coronavirus infection. The two compounds CBGA and CBDA, commonly found in hemp, were identified during a chemical screening effort as having the potential to combat coronavirus. While the research quickly went viral, the study did not conclude that smoking marijuana can prevent infection from COVID-19.

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose to Highest Since Mid-November” – Bloomberg / Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


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