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You. The most well-informed person in the  zoom.

Turbine Labs ensures you have the most accurate analysis and insights, exactly when needed. Our AI-powered platform “reads” data 54,000 times faster than a human.

Less friction. Better decisions.
Less noisy data. Better outcomes.

We are all drowning in data. And we’re overly exposed to bad information. That’s why organizations rely on Turbine Labs to get the unvarnished truth on critical topics. Faster and easier than ever before.

Use Turbine Labs to:

Improve brand reputation 

Outsmart competition 

Close sales faster 

Stay ahead of regulatory issues 

Crush your next launch or campaign

Trusted Actionable Intelligence.

Turbine Labs was designed from the ground up for decision-makers who need an intelligence edge

“Turbine Labs is setting a new industry standard for communications insights and measurement. They have quickly become an invaluable partner to our global IMC team, significantly enhancing our commtech stack and data intelligence program.”

Torod Neptune, Worldwide Group Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

“Turbine Labs, their team and their technology have transformed our daily engagement with our members, providing them insights beyond the news of the day. Turbine’s tools enable our trade association to also better understand the public policy landscape and to better serve our members.”

Ed McFadden, VP Communications

“Intelligence informs strategy; without it, we’re just guessing. We partner with Turbine Labs to learn what’s happening, why, by whom, and, most importantly, what’s next. When you work with them, you don’t just get great data, you get the human intelligence to make wiser decisions. In these challenging times, nothing is more important than knowing what’s next.”

Richard S. Levick, Esq., Chairman & CEO

Breadth. Context. And Clarity.

Blazing Speed

What kept you up last night? Ask a question, on any topic. Comprehensive  insights are delivered in under three hours.

Data Accuracy

Proprietary NLP filters and classifies data that matters, and removes data that doesn’t, so you always have objective facts.

Clean Output

No complex software or coding to learn. Just executive-friendly intelligence designed to remove friction and save time.

Premium Content

Thousands of paywall and premium content  sources from around the world, accessible through a single login.

Journalist Validated

A dedicated team of journalists  validate (and train) output data to ensure quality and accuracy with every output.

Infinite Topics

Intelligence on brand, industry, competitors, sales opportunities, regulatory issues, and more. All within a single platform.

Empowering Salespeople. Every Deal.

Business-as-usual left the building in March 2020. For many sales teams – expectations and quotas – are still high. Turbine Labs helps sales teams close deals faster though better insights and intelligence. 

Emerging from the Pandemic.

Since day one, Turbine Labs has been committed to delivering the public critical information around Covid-19, the economic impact, and the reopening.

Better intelligence doesn’t need to break the budget.

In fact, we can help you make your budget. Start with Turbine Labs for as little as $495 per month. And then grow with the recovery.

The Optimal Blend of Utility, Actionability, and Affordability.

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