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Introducing: The market’s first thought leadership validation and enhancement software.

Because in today’s information-overloaded world, credibility is everything.

It’s next generation intelligence for next generation brands.

We’re not an agency and we’re not purely software. We’re a few steps into the future when humans are empowered by smart machines to do their jobs faster and with incredible efficiency and intelligence. Let’s put this hybrid power to work for you.

Unparalleled access to data.

We’ve already paid for thousands of premium, paywall, and local news sources, so you don’t have to. Our AI software adds measurable meaning to the information around you. Using NLP and AI technology, executives can spend less time consuming information, without missing anything critical.

We partner with a wide variety of media groups and over 5,000 different publications so you have access to a diverse group of voices and perspectives.

Our customers are gaining actionable insights.

Nobody wants another dashboard. Our platform is essentially a three layer cake: Collect large amounts of external data. Optimize it through our recommendation engine. And then deliver it where and when our customers need it.

“Turbine Labs is setting a new industry standard for communications insights and measurement. They have quickly become an invaluable partner to our global IMC team, significantly enhancing our commtech stack and data intelligence program.”

Torod Neptune, Worldwide Group Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

“Turbine Labs, their team and their technology have transformed our daily engagement with our members, providing them insights beyond the news of the day. Turbine’s tools enable our trade association to also better understand the public policy landscape and to better serve our members.”

Ed McFadden, VP Communications

“Intelligence informs strategy; without it, we’re just guessing. We partner with Turbine Labs to learn what’s happening, why, by whom, and, most importantly, what’s next. When you work with them, you don’t just get great data, you get the human intelligence to make wiser decisions. In these challenging times, nothing is more important than knowing what’s next.”

Richard S. Levick, Esq., Chairman & CEO

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