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Quantifying the Dollar Value Risk of Bad Information

Best-practices and four use-cases to help organizations uncover information blind spots and reduce risk.

In today’s digitally empowered “information age,” social media has rapidly democratized and accelerated the distribution of information. For individuals, information overload, fatigue, and “paralysis by analysis” are the most common side-effects of this new reality.

But what about decisions made at the organizational level? What is at stake when executives, decision-makers, and policymakers rely on bad information and make decisions based on incomplete, inaccurate, or latent data and information?  

Join us as we discuss how organizations are beginning to quantify the costs and risks of bad information through recent news stories from business, politics, and finance, as well as how to generate bad information cost estimates for your own organization.



  • Leigh Fatzinger, Founder & CEO, Turbine Labs
  • Stephen Moore, Government Affairs & Policy Director, Turbine Labs
  • Michael Ginn, Founder & CEO of Ginn Management, LLC., is a strategic advisory firm focused on launching and transforming companies in areas of media, technology, advertising, and entertainment.

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