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You have the internet at your fingertips, but not like this. See why customers choose Turbine Labs.

Real-Time Response

  • During a natural disaster, a first responder was having trouble making calls to his team on the front lines. Local reporters caught wind of the story and broke the news that the major wireless phone carrier was throttling data in the area.
  • Our software picked up on the developing story and was able to notify all relevant stakeholders immediately.
  • During the developing situation, the company corrected course and ensured the first responders had the access they needed.
  • Out of this potential PR disaster came the company was able to redirect efforts and help aid in the crisis and make measurable improvements to support first responders during critical operations.
  • Turbine Labs continued to monitor the situation for weeks to help the wireless carrier correct course and inform their future actions. 


Thought Leadership

  • One of the world’s leading international professional service companies came to us to help drive prospect interest and engagement for two different business units. Through the use of effective marketing and sales enablement resources, they were seeking a measurable way to tie all efforts to key business objectives. 
  • Turbine Labs’ Thought Leadership Briefings were implemented to add value and third-party validation to potential customers. The custom briefings were tailored for each business objective and included compliance-approved design, messaging, and content. 
  • Over the course of the campaign, the company received Advanced analytics to detail engagement metrics on each briefing, as well as trends over time. The company saw a nearly 50% open rate on their weekly emails. 
  • Turbine Labs Executive Briefings and Enhanced Analytics, positioned as sales enablement tools, became the primary drivers for prospect engagement and lead generation for both teams. 
  • Briefings created effective collaboration for sales and marketing, driving engagement into events, webinars, and business solutions with a full view of engagement drivers.
  • The marketing team saved 80+ hours per month while serving as sales resources for each respective team. 


Sales Research

  • News monitoring, sentiment analysis, and breaking news surfacing assisted a $1 billion business align themselves as a trusted partner to close deals faster. Our products are utilized for key upcoming meetings with outside vendors and prospects, essentially serving as an insurance policy that they are up-to-speed on the latest information and relevant topics to their customers.
  • The five-minute briefings gives the sales team the confidence to align their pitch to the customers’ needs in that moment, and evolve with the news.


Inform International Stakeholders

  • For a $30 billion electronic and home appliance company, Turbine Labs helps keep key stakeholders (up to the C-Suite) informed on key brand, industry, and competitor news on a daily basis. The Communications team also uses this as a platform for showcasing their work across a variety of focus areas. 
  • Turbine Labs was able to alert key personnel when and where key partnership news was breaking to keep them informed about public sentiment. In this particular scenario, layoffs would be resulting in the coming months and there was a leak of an internal memo that made its way to the public purview. Turbine Labs enabled the international team to have all of the latest information at their fingertips as they continued to field questions from the local and national media as the story continued to unfold.


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