Webinar: Navigating Media and Consumer Engagement as We Emerge From the Pandemic

May 22, 2020

  •  Christy Vojvodich
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Navigating the Covid-19 pandemic and creating some sense of “normal” has been much more challenging than we imagined. In the span of just a few months, the entire world has had to adjust to a new way of life along with a new way of thinking about that life. Media and consumer conversations have created so much “noise” and conflicting messaging that it can be difficult to determine fact from misinformation. In this webinar we’ll discuss:

1. How to use technology to appropriately react – and not overreact – to media narratives that impact consumers of financial services companies.

2. How to support front-line employees and customer service teams with information that provides actionable guidance rather than impersonal scripts.

3. How to monitor overarching developments at local, state, and federal levels to ensure providing service that builds lasting relationships as the pandemic subsides.