Election Day signals bad omen for Democrats

November 3, 2021

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  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention formally endorsed the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for children ages 5-11, supporting the Food and Drug Administration’s authorization of the vaccine and paving the way for children to get vaccinated as early as this week. A hospital in Texas is preparing for a rush of 30,000 pediatric vaccine appointments made since the FDA’s authorization Friday, underscoring high demand for children to get the shot ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Texas voters passed a pair of constitutional amendments on Tuesday aimed at curbing some issues that arose during lockdowns last year. One measure prohibits governments from limiting religious services and another allows residents in nursing homes and long-term facilities to have an “essential caregiver” who cannot be barred from visiting. Local elections also resulted in a win for Republican Glenn Youngkin for governor of Virginia, signaling a threat to Democrats in House and Senate races next year.
  • The Federal Reserve is expected to announce on Wednesday its plans to reduce its bond-buying program, marking the biggest step yet in reversing pandemic-era stimulus. Policymakers must now shift their focus towards how to handle surging inflation that is lasting longer than anticipated.
  • Digital real estate company Zillow will phase out its home-buying unit, citing the inability to forecast home prices due to the volatility of the market. The company said in its earnings release that with the elimination of the unit it will also cut 25% of its workforce.
  • Suicides in the U.S. fell for the second year in a row in 2020, even as pandemic-related stressors took a toll on Americans’ mental health. The number of suicides dropped 3% last year after cases soared 35% from 1999 to 2018, according to the CDC. However, the preliminary data showed increases in the number of suicides among young adults as well as some people of color.

The new faces of Covid deaths” – NBC News / Source: NBC News


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