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Efficiency. Speed. And Power.

(What’s good for cars is also good for decision-making)

Every hour you spend sorting through and filtering news, trade journals, and other information is time taken from building your business. 

With Turbine Labs’ Auto Finance Daily Executive Briefing, decision-makers like yourself will receive only the most relevant and impactful automotive finance news and commentary you need to be successful in 2021. No agenda. No ads. No fluff. Receive the most valuable industry intelligence all in one place, in less than 5 minutes per day.

In each edition of the Auto Finance Daily Executive Briefing, you will:

  • Save one to two hours every day in search and reading time on critical industry topics. 
  • Receive only the auto finance news and commentary you need to know to be competitive and successful in 2021. 
  • Have daily access to unique sources of news and insights not covered in the mainstream media.
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