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About Turbine Labs

In the concept of a turbine, air or liquid that is picked up by the intake is converted into something far more compact, rich, and useful than it was in its previous state. That’s the goal of Turbine Labs – to take the world’s external information and transform it into actionable intelligence that is compact, rich, and useful.

By delivering depth, context, and clarity on key topics, we help our customers make better, more-informed decisions. Faster.

Our Mission

We deliver accurate, unbiased intelligence to the world’s most important decision makers to help inform their most critical decisions.

Our Vision

Turbine Labs will be the de facto market standard for how organizational leaders and their support teams obtain and use information.

Our Values

We’re curious.
We deliver the truth.
We do the right thing.
We are accountable to each other and our customers.
We dig deep into challenges and work hard to find solutions.
We always deliver an experience that exceeds what our customers expect.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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